•        Students are required to arrive at the studio in their class uniform with their hair in a secure bun.
  •        No jewelry is permitted in class; only small stud earrings may be worn.
  •        Gum chewing is not allowed in the ISB studios.
  •        Dance shoes should not be worn outside. You will not only ruin your shoes, but our dance floors could be damaged as well. Additionally, street shoes should not be worn on dance floors.           Please leave street shoes in the reception area cubbies.
  •        All shoes, attire and other items should be labeled with the student’s name. ISB is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please do not bring any valuables to class.
  •        No food allowed in the studios. Water is OK everywhere. (ONLY water allowed in the studios.)



For student safety, all students must be escorted to and from the studio by a parent/guardian and remain with their student until the class begins. Students also must be picked up promptly at the end of class. We understand that emergencies happen, but you must call the office to inform the staff. Habitual tardiness in picking up your child will result in a fine of up to $25. Non-enrolled siblings of students may not be left at the studio unattended.

  •        ISB is not responsible for children left unattended in or around the building.
  •        Please do not allow children to loiter outside the building or in the parking lot.
  •        Please pick up your child in a timely fashion as ISB is not responsible for students left unattended.

Traffic: Please do not stop or block the flow of traffic while dropping off or picking up a student. Parents must park their cars for pick-up and drop off.

Parking – Please refrain from using the reserved spots labeled 301, 303, etc. as those parking spaces are reserved for the businesses next door. Parking in a spot labeled for another building may result in a fine. You are of course welcome to use OUR reserved spots (labeled 302) or any unmarked parking spaces in the lot. Street parking is also always available.


Students in the Tiny Tot Division (Dance Combo, Princess Ballet, and Primary Ballet) may make up up to 4 classes per semester

  • Tiny Tot Division students must schedule their make-up class in advance by emailing
  • Make-ups for Dance Combo and Princess Ballet classes are held on the first Saturday of the month from 11:45-12:30.
  • Primary Ballet Classes may be made up in another Primary Ballet Class. There are no refunds or credits given for missed classes.


Students in the Early and Academy Division may make-up a class within 30 days of the absence. However, make-up classes must be scheduled in advance and approved by the office.

  •        Make-up classes may not be applied past 30 days or applied/transferred to another student.
  •        Each student is limited to 4 make-up classes per semester (6 for students taking multiple classes per week).

•        A missed make-up class does not qualify for another make-up class.


  • Students in the Tiny Tot Division will be placed in an appropriate level based on their age group.  Students who are age 6 and older without dance experience will be placed in an age appropriate Early Division dance class.
  • All new students with dance experience will be asked to take a placement class to allow the teacher to evaluate their skills and place them in the appropriate level. New students, schedule your free trial class by clicking here.



  • Arriving on time or a few minutes early is important. A student arriving more than 15 minutes late may be asked by the teacher to sit and observe because they missed a valuable part of their warm up and are more susceptible to injury if they dance without a proper warm up. Observing class still counts as attending class and does not qualify for a make up class.